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Friday, December 1, 2023

NYSERDA Opens Expedited Renewable Solicitations for Large-Scale Projects 

December 01, 2023 0

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) today announced the launch of expedited renewable energy solicitations as part of the state’s plan to bolster its large-scale renewable industry. 

The solicitations, initially announced by New York governor Kathy Hochul earlier this month, are open to all project developers. As part of these solicitations, NYSERDA included provisions from the latest rounds of renewable energy procurements such as inflation indexing and agricultural land preservation. This was done in order to maintain policy objectives introduced in prior solicitations.

“These expedited solicitations will continue to build upon our momentum toward achieving a zero-emissions electric grid,” says Doreen M. Harris, president and CEO of NYSERDA. “We welcome into this competitive process all developers who are committed and eager to participate in New York’s energy transition, and we look forward to working together to deliver significant economic, public health, and grid reliability benefits to New York State.”

NYSERDA is streamlining these expedited solicitations by selectively removing certain bid requirements that historically required substantial efforts to develop, but provided nominal value in bid evaluations. 

Final proposals for both offshore wind and land-based projects are due in January. These expedited solicitations support progress toward achieving New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act goals to obtain 70% of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and develop 9,000 MW of offshore wind by 2035.

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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Sol Systems Announces New CTO

November 30, 2023 0

Sol Systems has announced the addition of its new CTO, Scott Day. 

Day previously spent 11 years as the CTO for music tech company SoundExchange. Prior to SoundExchange, Day led the technology team behind The Motley Fool. He will focus on scaling Sol Systems’  technology and customer offerings. 

“We are excited to have Scott expand our IT infrastructure and capabilities across our businesses,” says Yuri Horwitz, Sol Systems’ CEO. “His unique experience better positions Sol as a renewable energy leader, enables our business to expand into new corporate offerings and gives us the opportunity to better service our customers.”

Sol Systems is currently developing more than 2 GW of new solar projects across the U.S.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Waaree Supplies Acciona Energia’s U.S. Projects With PV Modules

November 28, 2023 0

Waaree Energies has supplied 850 MW solar PV modules so far for projects in the U.S. being developed by Acciona Energia as part of an ongoing partnership. 

Waaree delivered its monocrystalline passivated emitter and rear cell panels to four Acciona Energia projects: 56 MW in Fort Bend, Texas; 129 MW in High Point, Ill.; 288 MW in Union, Ohio and 375 MW in Texas’ Red Tailed Hawk Solar projects. With these deliveries, Waaree has supplied more than 4 GW of solar modules to U.S. customers this year.   

The companies also entered a three-year agreement in which Waaree will supply another 1.5 GW of solar modules to Acciona for additional U.S. projects through 2026. Under the deal terms, Waaree Energies will supply Acciona with a total delivery of 2.34 GW of its N-type TOPCON modules, says the company.

“We are delighted to be a trusted partner to Acciona Energia. With successful deliveries of solar PV modules for projects such as High Point, Fort Bend, Union and Red Tailed Hawk, Waaree Energies Limited has established itself as one of the reliable solar modules suppliers operating in the U.S. market,” says Waaree’s Sunil Rathi.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of a significant milestone in our partnership with Waaree Energies,” adds Rafael Mateo Alcalá, CEO of Acciona Energía. 

“This collaboration has been pivotal in achieving the supply of 850 MW solar PV modules for Acciona Energia’s major projects in the United States. Waaree’s commitment to excellence is evident in the delivery of its high-performance. This achievement not only underscores the strength of our collaboration but also reinforces our dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions.”

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

GameChange Solar to Supply Oriana Project with Weather Tracker

November 22, 2023 0

GameChange Solar will be supplying their Genius Tracker to Sabanci Renewables’ Oriana Solar, a 232 MW DC project located along Texas’ Gulf Coast in Victoria County.

The tracker uses GameChange Solar’s proprietary weather technology to help protect integrated systems from damage during severe weather events that may include the hurricane-force winds, floods and hail experienced in the Gulf Coast, says the company. The Genius Tracker has undergone wind-tunnel speed tests up to 155 mph with CPP Wind.

The completed project is set to use 425,000 bifacial panels in order to generate power for approximately 34,000 homes with zero-carbon electricity on the ERCOT grid. It aims to serve regional load centers, including Houston, Corpus Christi and Freeport.

Bechtel will design and deliver the solar project featuring a co-located 60 MW battery storage system.

“GameChange Solar is honored to supply Genius Tracker as a key component for this notable collaboration between Bechtel and Sabanci,” says GCS’ Max Johnson. “Choosing a US-based supplier reinforces their dedication to bringing clean renewable energy to the region while supporting the local economy. We anticipate working on more projects with both exceptional teams in the future.”

Construction is scheduled to start early next year and be completed in mid-2025.

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Friday, November 17, 2023

National Grid Renewables Signs PPAs for Blevins Solar Project

November 17, 2023 0

National Grid Renewables has executed two power purchase agreements (PPAs) for its Blevins Solar Project, a 270 MW development located in Falls County, Texas.

Blevins is expected to begin construction next year and reach operations in 2025. Once completed, it will be the second National Grid Renewables project located in Falls County.

“Blevins represents our strong belief that renewable energy projects deliver a sustainable and reliable source of power, all while invigorating the local economies and unlocking new potential for both direct and indirect revenue streams,” says Blake Nixon, president of National Grid Renewables. “Projects like Blevins not only benefit Texas with a clean energy solution, but they also provide reliability and security for the overall electrical grid.” 

Under the PPAs, Fujifilm has contracted 125 MW of solar, and Bristol Myers Squibb has contracted 145 MW. For this project, Bristol Myers Squibb worked with Edison Energy LLC as an independent advisor, allowing the company to assess long-term implications of its investment.

“Environmental sustainability is an important component of our business strategy and embedded within our enterprise operations,” says Bristol Myers Squibb’s Danielle Menture. “This agreement is another critical step in our journey towards achieving our goal of 100% purchased electricity from renewable sources and supporting the move toward cleaner energy.”

Fujifilm engaged World Kinect Energy Services to identify renewable energy projects that would accelerate its corporate strategy to cover 100% of the company’s total electricity consumption with green energy in the United States and Canada. 

Including the Blevins project, National Grid Renewables has a total investment of nearly 1 GW of renewable energy projects in ERCOT, including Great Plains Wind Farm, Noble Solar & Storage Project and Copperhead Solar & Storage Project.

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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Soltec Debuts SFOne USA Solar Tracking Solution

November 16, 2023 0

Solar tracker manufacturer Soltec has introduced SFOne USA, its latest innovation in solar tracking technology designed for the U.S. market.

With a unique vertically aligned dual-row design, SFOne maximizes solar energy generation efficiency while reducing the costs and complexity associated with the installation and maintenance of solar systems. Specifically tailored for projects in the United States, SFOne eliminates the complexity of conventional configurations with its pre-assembled sets, reducing costs and expediting the installation process. The connected system of SFOne also cuts the number of motors and electronic systems by 50%.

SFOne adapts to various terrains, from slopes to irregularities and diverse soil types. Additionally, SFOne’s design includes a wiring system that avoids unnecessary parts, reducing both the number of tracker components and their total cost.

SFOne’s electronics feature complete wireless communication and are designed to withstand low temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in various weather conditions. Furthermore, the SFOne tracker uses cutting-edge algorithms to maximize production: TeamTrack minimizes shading losses between rows, Diffuse Booster maximizes gains on cloudy days, and Dy-WIND ensures plant protection against adverse weather conditions.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

WestRock Inks Virtual Power Purchase Agreements with ENGIE North America

November 15, 2023 0

WestRock, a sustainable fiber-based paper and packaging solutions provider, has entered into two virtual power purchase agreements with ENGIE North America designed to add renewable energy to the U.S. energy grid.

The agreements support two of ENGIE’s solar projects – Bernard Creek, located in Wharton County, Texas, and Chillingham Solar, located in Bell County, Texas – for an aggregate of 282 MW. The projects comprise part of WestRock’s strategy to pursue a science-based target to reduce Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions by 27.5% by 2030.

Schneider Electric provided advisory services and strategy management for the agreements.

“We are pleased to play a role in the development of clean energy from large scale solar projects and to join forces with ENGIE and Schneider Electric to add more renewable energy to the grid,” says WestRock CEO David B. Sewell.

WestRock will contract 207 MW from Bernard Creek, a 230 MW solar project located southwest of Houston that is expected to have an annual output of approximately 500,000 MWh. The project, slated for completion in the first half of 2024, is expected to generate more than $45 million in revenue for Wharton County over its lifespan and to create more than 250 jobs during construction.

Additionally, WestRock will contract 75 MW from ENGIE’s 350 MW Chillingham Solar project. Chillingham will help support two local school districts with an estimated $70 million in revenue generated over the life of the project, of which $53 million will be paid directly to the school districts. WestRock’s share of Chillingham is expected to be approximately 200,000 MWh per year.

“We are delighted that Bernard Creek and Chillingham Solar will support WestRock’s ambitions to meet their 2030 science-based targets. ENGIE’s projects are focused on meeting the specific needs of our clients as we work together to accelerate the energy transition in North America and this agreement reflects that,” says ENGIE North America’s Dave Carroll.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Huasun Reaches New Output Record for HJT Photovoltaic Modules

November 14, 2023 0

Huasun says it has set a new power output record for heterojunction (HJT) photovoltaic modules with the Huasun Himalaya G12-132 HJT solar module.

Huasun adds that its module showcases the immense potential of HJT technology, which has been certified by third-party testing and certification institution TÜV SÜD. The module has a power output of 750.544 W and conversion efficiency of 24.16%, setting a new benchmark for the mass production of photovoltaic modules.

The Himalaya G12-132 module is composed of double-sided microcrystalline G12-20BB HJT cells, manufactured at Huasun’s Xuancheng Phase IV HJT Cell Project. The average mass-production efficiency of these cells has now reached 25.8%, representing a 0.5% increase from three months ago at the project’s production commencement.

This achievement is attributed to notable progress in cell efficiency, coupled with the refinement of the PIB + light conversion film encapsulation process. As a result, the Himalaya G12-132 HJT module has surpassed its own record set six weeks ago, achieving a 6 W increase over the previous 744.43 W record.

Since its inception, Huasun has been dedicated to positioning heterojunction as a mainstream solar cell technology in the N-type era. The company says it remains committed to exploring and implementing HJT mass production solutions that prioritize higher efficiency, increased power generation, and enhanced returns.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Orsted Deploying SparkCognition Renewable Suite for Solar Asset Management

November 08, 2023 0

Global renewable energy developer Ørsted is deploying SparkCognition’s Renewable Suite across 5.5 GW of its land-based wind, solar and storage assets in the U.S.

By enhancing asset performance management with SparkCognition’s AI solution, Ørsted will increase energy production, decrease maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency.

“Meeting the rising demand for clean energy requires innovative solutions to ensure our assets run reliably and efficiently,” says Rob Keiser, vice president of asset management, Americas, at Ørsted. “By deploying SparkCognition’s cutting-edge Renewable Suite, we can improve the effectiveness and lifespan of our land-based assets and maximize energy output, propelling us toward a more sustainable future.”

SparkCognition’s Renewable Suite is a cloud-based asset performance management platform for utility-scale wind, solar and energy storage assets. It brings different data sets ranging from SCADA, ERP, financial, data from third parties such as weather, forecast and many more into a single view that enhances efficiency and collaboration. Powered by patented AI and machine learning technology, Renewable Suite provides predictive recommendations to identify impending failures, quickly identify underperforming assets, and ensure effective follow-through. Renewable Suite is highly scalable and can onboard a large fleet of assets in a short time.

“Renewable Suite provides renewable energy owners and operators, like Ørsted, with a high-quality data foundation and out-of-the-box, self-serve models to generate actionable insights and quickly diagnose asset issues, providing a platform to enable collaboration among multiple stakeholders,” says Dr. Sandeep Gupta, vice president at SparkCognition. “Our patented AI technology, combined with the deep energy expertise of our SparkCognition team and a focus on customer success, are keys to helping organizations succeed.”

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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Castillo Engineering, RECON Working on 15 MW of Community Solar

November 07, 2023 0

Castillo Engineering and RECON Corp., an EPC and solar contractor, have partnered on a 15 MW portfolio of five community solar projects in Illinois.

Part of the Illinois Shines or Adjustable Block Program, each of the 3 MW community solar projects will use bifacial solar modules and FLEXRACK by Qcells solar trackers, and will each provide pollinator-friendly habitats.

The projects will begin construction before the end of the year. Once complete, Castillo Engineering and RECON will have collectively completed over 60 community solar projects in Illinois totaling over 200 MW.

“We selected Castillo Engineering for these projects due to their extensive community solar experience within Illinois,” says Scott Walker, president at RECON. “Castillo Engineering also offers a streamlined design approach due to their in-house civil and electrical teams, which helps with optimizing designs – from fault current ratings to equipment pad design.”

Castillo Engineering’s team was able to optimize and reduce the cost of mid-voltage equipment through utility fault current insights on all five of these projects. Voltage drop and wire sizes for direct current circuits were also reduced after assessing the impact of the bifacial modules. Additionally, the firm’s in-house civil engineering team was able to optimize the access road to incorporate existing conditions, reducing permitting time and costs for each of these community solar projects.

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Friday, November 3, 2023

Longroad Energy Starts Construction on 377 MW Arizona Project

November 03, 2023 0

Longroad Energy, a U.S. based renewable energy developer, owner and operator, has closed financing and started construction on Sun Streams 4, a 377 MW DC PV and 1,200 MWh storage project.

Sun Streams 4 is Longroad’s largest solar and storage project to date and is the company’s third project in its Sun Streams complex, based in Maricopa County, Ariz. Commercial operations for Sun Streams 4 is currently expected by mid-2025.

During the construction period, Sun Streams 4 is expected to employ over 200 people. McCarthy Building Companies was selected as the engineering, procurement and construction contractor.

Sun Stream 4’s total output, enough to power 120,000 homes, will be purchased by Arizona Public Service (APS) via a long-term PPA. The project will help support system reliability in Arizona, particularly during the peak demand summer months.

Nextracker is supplying trackers for the project, and Sungrow is supplying the solar inverters. Comprehensive operations and maintenance services for the project will be provided by NovaSource Power Services and Longroad’s affiliate Longroad Energy Services.

Sun Stream 4’s battery energy storage system will be provided by U.S.-based energy storage platform provider Powin. The system will include SMA inverters and cells from AESC, which will be integrated into Powin’s Modular and Scalable Centipede latform. Longroad, in conjunction with Powin and NovaSource Power Services, will provide long-term operations and maintenance services.

“A landmark project for us, Sun Streams 4 has the distinction of being Longroad’s largest project to date by both megawatts and investment capital, and one of our first projects to incorporate provisions from the historic Inflation Reduction Act,” says Paul Gaynor, CEO of Longroad Energy.

The project is part of the Sun Streams portfolio that Longroad acquired from First Solar in early 2021.

Debt financing was led by CIBC and included ANZ, PNC, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank AG, CoBank, U.S. Bancorp Impact Finance, National Australia Bank and Société Générale.

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Cypress Creek Renewables Sings On for Sitetracker Platform

November 03, 2023 0

Cypress Creek Renewables says it will begin using Sitetracker’s software platform to add efficiency and visibility across the company’s operations, including its development, project execution and O&M teams.

“Sitetracker will help us standardize our processes, enhance data accuracy and coordinate workflows, while giving our teams the ability to track, manage and collaborate on complicated projects involving multiple teams, aiding our aligned mission to power a more sustainable future one project at a time,” says Sarah Slusser, CEO of Cypress Creek.

Cypress Creek Renewables is a leading renewables developer and independent power producer. It develops, finances, owns and operates utility-scale and distributed solar and energy storage projects across the United States. The company has developed 12 GW of solar projects and has a 28 GW solar and storage pipeline.

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Solar Alternatives Finishes PV Array for Swire Energy Services

November 03, 2023 0

Solar Alternatives, a provider of commercial solar solutions, has completed a 300 kW solar PV system for Swire Energy Services.

Solar Alternatives collaborated closely with Swire Energy Services to install the system across three buildings. The installation includes 792 Canadian Solar modules, each producing 400 W, and 198 Yotta microinverters. This optimized design maximizes efficiency and productivity, the companies say.

“At Swire Energy Services, we are committed to providing long-term sustainable value to our stakeholders, customers, and community. We aim to lead our industry in sustainable development and, by partnering with Solar Alternatives on this project, this is just one of many steps toward reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2030,” says Mike Perera, director of Swire Energy Services.

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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Six Flags Building 12.37 MW Solar Project in California

November 02, 2023 0

Six Flags Magic Mountain, in partnership with Solar Optimum and DSD Renewables (DSD), is breaking ground on a 12.37 MW solar carport and energy storage system.

Six Flags says the Magic Mountain project is the largest single-site commercial renewable energy project in California and largest solar project allocated toward a for-profit organization in the United States.

Key components of the solar installation include a 637,000 square foot solar carport built over the main guest parking lot and team member parking lot, along with 30 electric vehicle charging spaces in the guest parking lot.

“Solar canopies have always been an excellent use of otherwise underutilized space, and this site, with its wide open parking lots, provides the perfect canvas to build on,” says Danielle Fidel, senior director, developer network, at DSD.

The installation will also include a battery storage system producing approximately 2 MW of power with up to 8 MWh of capacity that can be deployed daily.

The Magic Mountain project is the third solar installation for Six Flags. Properties in northern California at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and New Jersey at Six Flags Great Adventure have also developed on-site solar capabilities, with over 30 MW of fully operational solar power systems installed.

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EDF Turns to SOLARCYLE for PV Panel Recycling

November 02, 2023 0

EDF Renewables North America has signed an agreement with SOLARCYCLE to recycle solar panels that are damaged or broken during construction and operation from their grid-scale, distribution-scale and on-site solar projects.

“As a company, we have committed to developing the recycling capability of our clean energy assets, starting with solar,” says Edgar Puerto, associate director, strategic procurement, at EDF Renewables. “We view this as a key strategy for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and catalyzing a new domestic supply chain for made-in-America solar products.”

SOLARCYCLE’s proprietary technology allows for the extraction of 95% of the value from recycled panels, including silver, silicon, copper, aluminum and glass: a significant increase over the industry standard, which is currently below 50%.

The recycler’s patented processes are increasingly extracting value from each panel so that, combined with reverse logistics, they can provide the lowest-cost recycling solution to EDF Renewables that maximizes environmental benefits and supply chain resilience. 

“As one of the largest clean energy companies in the world, we are thrilled that we were selected for this important initiative,” says Jesse Simons, chief commercial officer and co-founder of SOLARCYCLE. “We are proud to partner with EDF Renewables, who went deep with us, with multiple visits to our factory, extensive audits and a competitive RFP process.”

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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Ascent Solar Hits CIGS Efficiency Milestone

November 01, 2023 0

Ascent Solar Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of thin-film solar photovoltaic solutions, says recent test results have shown that the company’s proprietary CIGS technology yields an efficiency rating of 17.55%.

In August, the Ascent team began working to optimize both the manufacturing processes and chemistry of its CIGS technology. This has resulted in a steady increase in efficiency that began with a jump from 10.8% to 15.2%; an additional increase to 15.5%; and now this significant increase to 17.55%.

The latest efficiency increase can be attributed to the addition of rubidium fluoride to the chemistry, combined with improvements to Ascent’s manufacturing process. The improvements will result in an increase in specific power in the space environment from 1,900 W/kg to 2,100 W/kg at AM0. This enables the solar energy system to provide additional power with the same flexible, resilient and lightweight footprint.

Ascent plans to further improve its CIGS technology efficiency through incorporation of Zn(O,S), a thin film that is considered a promising candidate for a cadmium-free buffer layer, as well as broader chemistry optimization. Utilizing Zn(O,S) increases efficiency and specific power as it expands interactions with light in the blue spectrum, as well as helps counter degradation through improvements after light soak.

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Aspen Power Adds 50 MW to Georgia Solar Portfolio

November 01, 2023 0

Aspen Power has completed construction on 14 solar projects that the company acquired from Inman Solar in Georgia.

The projects total 49.4 MW DC of generation capacity, with Aspen Power acting as the long-term owner and operator. Inman Solar originated and developed the projects and provided engineering, procurement, and construction services.

This portfolio of projects brings Aspen Power’s holdings in Georgia to 43 projects totaling over 140 MW DC.

“The Inman team has done a fantastic job bringing high quality projects to the table, and we’re glad to have worked with their team to get these projects across the finish line and to become the long-term owners and operators,” says Lara Bushwood, director, project development, for Aspen Power. “We have had success finding terrific partners like Inman in Georgia to help advance the state’s clean energy objectives.”

The portfolio that Aspen Power acquired is made up of ground-mounted solar panels with single-axis trackers. The systems, primarily located in the southeastern part of the state, will provide energy directly to Georgia Power through long-term power purchase agreements as part of the company’s 2020 Distributed Generation Request for Proposal (RFP).

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Hoymiles’ Three-Phase Solar Microinverter Enters North American Market

October 31, 2023 0

Hoymiles has announced the North American launch of its three-phase microinverter, the HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series.

This new microinverter is purpose-built to meet the demands of high-powered PV modules and deliver strong performance, cost-effectiveness and safety for commercial and industrial PV applications across North America.

“Today, we are thrilled to introduce the HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series three-phase microinverter to the North American market,” says Rocky Gao, CEO of Hoymiles US. “This product reflects Hoymiles’ commitment to innovation and solutions that empower the solar industry. It offers unmatched performance, efficiency and safety, and we are confident it will redefine the standards for commercial and industrial solar installations in North America.”

Key features of the HMT-2000-4T-208-NA Series include the following:

High power output: The HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series microinverter is engineered to accommodate high-powered PV modules, boasting an impressive peak output power of up to 2,000 VA. With a maximum DC input current of up to 16 A, it ensures exceptional energy conversion efficiency;

Tailored for North American grids: Designed to meet the specific requirements of North American grids, this microinverter is compatible with three-phase Delta network configurations, making it an ideal choice for the region;

S-Miles Cloud: Seamlessly integrated with the S-Miles Cloud smart platform, the HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series enables module-level monitoring and remote operations and maintenance;

4-in-1 design: The 4-in-1 design not only accelerates installation but also lowers overall project costs, as one unit can be connected to as many as four PV modules. This makes it a highly attractive option for commercial and industrial applications;

Enhanced safety: The HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series prioritizes safety for rooftop solar installations, with rapid shutdown compliance and an isolated transformer;

Sub-1GHz wireless communication: The introduction of the new sub-1G wireless solution enhances communication stability with the Hoymiles gateway DTU. This advancement ensures reliable real-time monitoring capabilities, particularly in commercial and industrial settings.

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Canadian Solar to Build Cell Production Facility in Indiana

October 31, 2023 0

Canadian Solar Inc. says it is establishing a 5 GW solar cell production facility at the River Ridge Commerce Center in Jeffersonville, Ind.

Canadian Solar is building a state-of-the-art solar manufacturing plant whose output will be approximately 20,000 modules per day. The Jeffersonville facility represents a projected investment of more than $800 million and will create approximately 1,200 skilled high-tech jobs once production is fully ramped up.

The solar cells produced at this facility will be used at the previously announced 5 GW module assembly plant in Mesquite, Texas. Production at the Jeffersonville facility is expected to begin by the end of 2025.

“Indiana’s strong advanced manufacturing sector positions the state to help lead the global energy transition, developing and powering new solutions in batteries, solar and hydrogen,” says Gov. Eric Holcomb. “Canadian Solar’s new U.S. location in Jeffersonville will put our skilled Hoosier workforce at the center of cultivating solar power, making energy efficient panels more accessible to consumers across the country.”

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DOE Funding Three Major Transmission Projects

October 31, 2023 0

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) says it is committing up to $1.3 billion to transmission lines crossing six states, enabling 3.5 GW of additional capacity to come online in the U.S.

The DOE is entering into capacity contract negotiations with three interregional transmission projects that will strengthen grid resilience and reliability, enable the addition of more clean energy resources to the grid, and bring diverse, clean energy to more customers.  

The selected projects are:

Cross-Tie 500kV Transmission Line (Nevada, Utah): Cross-Tie is a proposed 214-mile, 1,500 MW transmission line connecting existing transmission systems in Utah and Nevada to increase transmission capacity, improve grid reliability and resilience, relieve congestion on other key transmission lines, and expand access to low-cost renewable energy across the region.

The bidirectional nature of Cross-Tie will increase transfer capabilities in the West, unlocking increased access to renewable energy resources in the region.

Construction is expected to start in Q1 of 2025.

Southline Transmission Project (Arizona, New Mexico): Southline is a proposed 175-mile, 748 MW transmission line from Hidalgo County, N.M., to Pima County, Ariz., that will help unlock renewable energy development in southern New Mexico and deliver clean energy to growing markets in Arizona that currently rely on fossil fuel generation.

The project, which is the first phase of a longer line, will make smart use of existing transmission rights of way along parts of its route, upgrading aging transmission facilities that are the source of congestion and constraints in the region.

Construction is expected to start in Q1 of 2025.

Twin States Clean Energy Link (New Hampshire, Vermont): Twin States is a proposed 1,200 MW high-voltage direct current (HVDC) bidirectional line that will expand the capacity of the New England electric grid and improve its resiliency, reliability and efficiency by providing access to clean firm energy supplies in Quebec, Canada.

The bidirectional design of the Twin States line will also allow the New England grid to export power to Canada when New England is producing more energy than it needs to meet its own demand, which is expected to occur as the offshore wind industry in New England expands.

Construction is expected to start in Q3 or Q4 of 2026.

DOE anticipates releasing a second round of TFP funding in the first half of 2024 through a request for proposals that may include a combination of public-private partnerships, loans, and capacity contracts totaling up to $1 billion.

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